Navigating cancer with expertise and compassion

Telehealth cancer support for women across Australia and around the world

Cancer can trigger many difficult feelings, including fear, confusion, guilt, or shock. Treatment can leave you feeling sick and exhausted. And recovery can be anxious and lonely. 
It doesn’t have to be this way. MyOncoThrive promotes an empowering, integrative approach to cancer care for women, ensuring you’re supported at every stage of your journey.

We guide you how to:

  • Nourish your body and mind
  • Ease side effects of cancer treatment
  • Develop confidence and self-advocacy skills
  • Nurture emotional resilience and self-care
  • Embrace lifestyle modifications to reduce cancer risk
  • Safely integrate evidence-based complementary medicine with medical care from your oncologist


I’m Mun-Yee, a board-certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Integrative Oncology Practitioner.

I support women who are
  • Keen to reduce cancer risk
  • Newly diagnosed
  • In active therapy
  • In recovery after cancer therapy
  • In transition to life after cancer
I’ve spent over 25 years involved in cancer care, first as a family member, then as a clinical researcher and, ultimately, as a integrative Chinese medicine practitioner. I hold numerous qualifications and have completed post-graduate studies in both cancer-specific and complementary medicine at prestigious institutions, including the University of Melbourne, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (USA), MD Anderson Cancer Center (USA), Harvard Medical School and Guangxi TCM University (China). 

I’ve seen the value of western medicine in developing medical or surgical interventions to treat cancer. But I’ve also seen how hard it is to treat the whole person in that model. It’s too easy to fall through the cracks between different medical specialists with no-one looking at your overall needs and physiological and emotional needs as a whole person.

That’s where I come in. 

Programs to help you thrive

MyOncoThrive offers a range of options depending on your needs. You can subscribe to our toolkits, book an oncology acupuncture session (Brisbane only), attend a webinar or join my 1:1 coaching program for a complete person-centred service throughout your cancer journey.

Integrative, not alternative

I practise integrative medicine, not alternative medicine. I want you to have the best of both worlds as you navigate your own way through cancer. 

That means I’m not here to replace your medical care –integrative oncology is a  patient-centred, evidence-informed field of cancer care that aims to optimse health, quality of life and clinical outcomes across the cancer care continuum and to empower people with cancer to become active particpants before, during and beyond cancer treatment. I want it to succeed for you. 

I’m here to work alongside  you and support you in the areas that mainstream medicine too often overlooks, such as the mind-body connection, cancer-fighting diet & nutrition, restorative sleep, use of evidence-informed supplements & herbs, complementary medicines, sexuality & fertility, financial toxicity and overall wellbeing.

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What does an integrative oncology practitioner do?

Your cancer doctors and surgeons focus on shrinking or eradicating your tumour(s). That’s vital work but your cancer journey encompasses far more than that.
 I trust science to target the cancer and – just as importantly – I help you harness the powers of natural medicine to nourish your body and mind.
I’m here to help the whole you – to make your cancer experience less frightening and less lonely by using a whole toolbox of evidence-informed strategies to optimise your cancer care.

Throughout your cancer journey, I work with you to

  • Nurture a confident mindset and develop resilience
  • Reduce major drivers of cancer (e.g. chronic inflammation, insulin resistance, stress)
  • Ease treatment side-effects and to enhance cancer therapies.
  • Cultivate a healthy biosystem in your body and protect healthy organs
  • Help you understand your medications and which supplements you can take
  • Reduce stress, anxiety and fatigue and promote restorative sleep
  • Fortify your body for cancer treatment
  • Develop a nutrient-dense diet plan to support you through cancer therapies

Get started

Whether you’re dealing with the shock of your diagnosis, confusion about your treatment, or fear of the future, I’m here to help you improve your quality of life as you live with cancer. 

You don’t have to do this alone. In me, you can have a  knowledgeable, experienced partner with advanced qualifications in both western and Chinese medicine. I’ll help you navigate the health system, understand your test results or treatment direction and care for your overall wellbeing both during and after cancer.

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Strategies to help you ease treatment side-effects and enhance cancer therapies

Cancer therapies have a range of debilitating side effects, including pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety. Thankfully there are ways to ease those side effects and improve your overall well-being. Here are some of the best strategies to try.

Dantien Breathing: 50 breaths to total relaxation & sleep

This is my super easy guide to help you relax and ease into your nightly rest. Loosely translated, Dantien in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy means "elixir field", "sea of Qi", or simply "energy centre". Think of it as our body’s axis of inner strength, vitality and balance. All it takes is 50 breaths!

I offer a structured integrative approach to help bring clarity to your health journey and reduce the overwhelm.

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