I’m Mun-Yee, a board-certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Integrative Cancer Health Coach, and Oncology Acupuncturist.

I coach women with cancer how to:
• Approach cancer from a place of knowledge and hope, not from a place of fear and confusion.
• Understand cancer herb-drug interactions and know your safe and appropriate supplement options.
• Practise proven mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and anxiety, fatigue and non-restorative sleep.
• Strengthen and fortify your body in preparation for upcoming cancer treatment.
• Use safe and effective methods to ease treatment side-effects and to enhance cancer therapies.
• Implement strategies to nourish your body and protect healthy organs during cancer therapy.
• Follow a step-by-step guide to detox and restore vitality after cancer therapy.
• Embrace long-term lifestyle practices, a resilient mindset and anti-cancer diet to restore health, reduce risk of cancer recurrence and reclaim your peace of mind.

“Good medicine should be based in good science, be inquiry-driven,
and be open to new paradigms.” - Dr. Andrew Weil

Integrative Cancer Health Coach

You are much more than a diagnosis.
Unlike cancer disease experts like oncologists, radiologists or surgeons who target tumour eradication to treat cancer, as an integrative cancer health coach I follow the science and incorporate it with my unique knowledge in Modern Chinese Medicine and Functional Medicine to nourish the body and mind. Focusing on the whole ”toolbox” to optimise your conventional cancer care, I work with you to nurture a confident mindset, to reduce the major drivers of cancer such as chronic inflammation, insulin resistance and stress, to develop your resilience and cultivate a biosystem in the body where cancer will not thrive.

“I think of cancer as a weed. Modern western oncology is
focused on destroying the weed while integrative oncology
concentrates on the soil the weed grows in and on making the
soil as inhospitable as possible to the growth and spread of the weed.”

– Donald Abrams, M.D. & integrative oncologist.

About Me

I’m a board-certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine, Oncology Acupuncturist and Integrative Cancer Health Coach.

As an integrative Chinese Medicine practitioner with Functional Medicine training, I am driven by evidence-informed practices and mind-body therapies to increase resilience and enhance quality of life in people with cancer.

How I help

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Free toolkits, self-care guides, anti-cancer hacks and much more!

Dantien Breathing: 50 breaths to total relaxation & sleep

This is my super easy guide to help you relax and ease into your nightly rest. Loosely translated, Dantien in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy means "elixir field", "sea of Qi", or simply "energy centre". Think of it as our body’s axis of inner strength, vitality and balance. All it takes is 50 breaths!

Nutrition and Supplements in Breast Cancer Care

There are many factors that influence the development of cancer. In the past 25 years, science has shown that diet, physical activity, and being overweight are major risk factors for developing certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that our body’s ability to resist cancer can be enhanced by adopting a healthy diet, staying physically active, and avoiding excess body fat.

I offer a structured integrative approach to help bring clarity to your health journey and reduce the overwhelm.

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