How I help

Integrative cancer care supports your physical, emotional and cognitive

That’s all of you – not just your disease. I offer three tiers of support, giving you choice over what suits you best, no matter where you live.

Programs to help you thrive


1:1 coaching in my flagship program

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Thrive Education

Workshops and webinars

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Thrive Insider

Free toolkits and guides

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Thrive360 delivers an unprecedented level of support. I guide and support you to approach the cancer from a place of knowledge and hope, not from a place of fear and confusion. I walk with you each step of the way and teach you be your own advocate in your healing cancer journey both during and after treatment. 

Through my work with many women with cancer over the years, I truly believe that healing is always possible even when sometimes curing is not.


Your personalised goal-directed integrative care plan

Clarity about your cancer plan

  • Cut through the maze of oncology terminology
  • Someone to call on when you don’t understand what your results mean
  • Knowing what to ask your oncologist or what to expect at each stage.

Integrative approach to cancer wellness

  • Complementary therapies used in tandem with your conventional cancer therapy
  • Minimise treatment side effects
  • Support immunity
  • Promote physical, cognitive and emotional wellbeing
  • Restore vitality
  • Reduce risk of recurrence.

Liaison with your oncology team

  • Communicating your integrative treatment plan to your oncology team
  • Working together to reduce the risk of herb-drug interactions
  • Reassuring your doctors that you’re receiving care from a qualified cancer care practitioner.
  • Drawing on the expertise of other experts such as oncology massage therapists, psychologists, exercise scientists, cancer nutritionists, physiotherapists, yoga therapy teachers, etc.

Qualified integrative oncology practitioner

  • Australian board-certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine & Acupuncturist
  • Medical writer with experience in clinical research
  • See my qualifications and experience here.

When you enrol in Thrive360, I give you a bigger toolbox to manage your cancer care plan.

I help you focus and hold you accountable to the actionable tasks tailored for you.

Thrive360 Packages

While there are certain recognised stages in cancer care and treatments, everyone’s cancer journey is unique. Thrive360 meets you where you are.

Just diagnosed

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In treatment

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Life beyond cancer

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Thrive Education

There’s a lot to learn about living well with cancer. I want to help you as much as I can, in a way that makes it as easy as possible for you. 

That’s why I offer regular educational workshops and webinars for people living with cancer, their loved ones, and carers.

These sessions cover topics such as: