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I work with clients internationally all over the world.
All one-on-one Thrive360 coaching sessions are via video-consultation or phone; I do not offer in-person sessions unless otherwise arranged.

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What do you get in my one-on-one Thrive360 program?

Oncology-focused qualified holistic practitioner – I am an Australian board certified Doctor of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncturist, with Functional Medicine training. I hold a postgraduate Specialist Certificate in Cancer Sciences from The University of Melbourne, as well as advanced professional certificates in oncology acupuncture and evidence-based use of botanicals and supplements in cancer care from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Centre (Integrative Medicine). As a practitioner who is especially interested in direct comparison of existing health care interventions to help patients explore which are superior, and which pose the greatest benefits and harms, I have also completed a professional certificate in Comparative Effectiveness Research Training and Instruction (CERTaIN) from MD Anderson Cancer Centre, University of Texas.

• Clarity about your cancer plan – knowledge and understanding your own cancer care plan is a right, not a privilege. Of all the challenges that may accompany a cancer diagnosis or treatment plan, learning a new vocabulary shouldn't be one of them. I cut through the maze of oncology terminology that so many find overwhelming and confusing. I break it down for you when you’re wondering what your test results really mean but are too embarrassed or too rushed to ask your oncologist during a typical 10-15 minute visit. When I am unable to answer directly, I make a commitment to find out for you through my own research or by reaching out to other experts in the field.

• Integrative approach to cancer wellness – I utilise evidence-based and evidence-informed complementary therapies in a coordinated manner in tandem with your conventional cancer therapy to minimise treatment side effects, support your immunity and wellbeing: physically, cognitively and emotionally. After cancer therapy, we focus on recovery and restoring your vitality, self-care plus formulating a personalised action plan to reduce risk of cancer recurrence.

• Transparency – it is important that your oncologist and other medical specialists are aware of any complementary therapy that you are undergoing, as well as any vitamins and supplements you are taking. Herb-drug interaction can have a negative impact on the safety and efficacy of your ongoing conventional cancer therapy. When you work with me one-on-one, I communicate with your oncologist to inform them of my integrative treatment plan for you so that they feel confident that you’re receiving complementary care from a qualified cancer care practitioner.

• Putting it All Together – I do the time-consuming research to give you a bigger toolbox to manage your cancer care plan - about your treatment options and provide a holistic roadmap for your healing journey. Where appropriate, I work with oncologists and other practitioners who are experts in their fields including oncology massage therapists, psychologists, exercise scientists, cancer nutritionists, physiotherapists, yoga therapy teachers, etc to provide the best possible outcome for you.

• A working partnership - I teach you the tools to guide, motivate and support you throughout your cancer diagnosis, during and after treatment. I also help you focus and hold you accountable to the actionable tasks tailored for you. I guide and support you to approach the cancer from a place of knowledge and hope, not from a place of fear and confusion. I teach you be your own advocate in your healing cancer journey. Through my work with many women with cancer over the years, I truly believe that healing is always possible even when curing is not.

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