Supporting Your Loved One Through Their Cancer Journey

Cancer is stressful, not just for the person receiving the diagnosis, but for those around them too. It’s common for family and friends to feel scared, confused, and overwhelmed. Even if you’re not the one with cancer, your emotions are valid. Cancer can be difficult for everyone.

How to adopt a resilient mindset throughout your cancer journey

Studies find that adopting a resilient mindset can help cancer patients cope better, not just through their cancer journey, but also in recovery.

Integrative Cancer Care. Here’s How I’ll Support You in Your Cancer Journey.

Integrative cancer care is a comprehensive approach to cancer care treating more than your physical cancer. It supports your emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being as well. I support all of you, not just your disease.

Strategies to help you ease treatment side-effects and enhance cancer therapies

Cancer therapies have a range of debilitating side effects, including pain, fatigue, nausea, and anxiety. Thankfully there are ways to ease those side effects and improve your overall well-being. Here are some of the best strategies to try.

Dantien Breathing: 50 breaths to total relaxation & sleep

This is my super easy guide to help you relax and ease into your nightly rest. Loosely translated, Dantien in Traditional Chinese Medicine philosophy means "elixir field", "sea of Qi", or simply "energy centre". Think of it as our body’s axis of inner strength, vitality and balance. All it takes is 50 breaths!

Nutrition and Supplements in Breast Cancer Care

There are many factors that influence the development of cancer. In the past 25 years, science has shown that diet, physical activity, and being overweight are major risk factors for developing certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that our body’s ability to resist cancer can be enhanced by adopting a healthy diet, staying physically active, and avoiding excess body fat.

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